Going Green in Healthcare a collaborative group project

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Our group storyboard project Future of Healthcare: Going Green in Heatlh Care

Getting Started

Group Storyboard Project

Students will work together in teams to research a healthcare trend topic. Each student is responsible for gathering information pertinent to the topic and incorporating their ideas along with their team members into a research paper.

    • The project should clearly demonstrate the proper research and organization of the material. APA format should be followed throughout the project’s paper. At least one but no more than three tables, graphs, or illustrations must be included in each of the seven steps in your paper to represent your topic.
    • Each paper should be revised, proofread, and corrected before being submitted for grading.
    • Students must submit final project papers by the due date.
    • All students receive the same grade for the project unless extenuating issues are presented (i.e. a member fails to participate or participates minimally).
    • Observe the deadline as noted in your course schedule. Failure to submit the project on time will result in a 10% deduction of the grade for the assignment for each day it is late. Late submissions will be accepted up to four days after the deadline. Students failing to submit their project prior to this date will receive a score of zero.
    • All papers will be evaluated for originality of content using Turnitin.com®. Please refer to www.plagiarism.org for more information on how to avoid plagiarism. If any portion of work submitted by a student is found to be plagiarized, all team members will receive a score of zero for that assignment and may be recommended for program dismissal.
  • The following components are required for your group paper:
    • Follow the format and required elements as described below: :
      • Title Page – Centered - Listing names of group members, topic or title of project, Section Adjunct name and date
      • Page numbers
      • Times New Roman / 12 font
      • Abstract (120 words or less) OR Introduction
        • Core Body – including appropriate headings,
        • Step 1: Describe the Problem
        • Step 2: Describe the Current Process
        • Step 3: Identify the Root Cause(s) of the Problem
        • Step 4: Develop Solution and Action Plan
        • Step 5: Implement the Solution (or steps to implement)
        • Step 6: Review and Evaluate the Results of the Change (or expected results of the change)
          • Pros & Cons or a SWOT analysis
        • Step 7: Reflect and Act on Learnings (Summary / Recommendations / Each individual should have a 1 paragraph reflection on the learning – all included in the same paper)
      • In-text citations (indirect and direct quotes)
      • Reference Page
        *Please refer to the followi ng website for specific APA formatting instructions: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ use this website as a starting point. APA formatting requirements should adhere to the 6th edition.
    • Graph, chart, or illustration demonstrating a visual component of the material (at least one but no more than three in each STEP)
    • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Please review the sample Storyboard Project: Orange County Health Department STD Quality Improvement Project Storyboard.
  • Storyboard Project Topic
  • Explore the categories and subtopics listed below. You may choose from these broad topics, narrow your focus, or choose a topic of your own. Topics that are not listed must be approved by your Section Adjunct.